Technical Writer:

Why technical communication?

Clear instructions can be a work of art. I love the challenge of making the reader understand what they thought was difficult. I have written manuals, web content, academic papers/thesis, and speculative fiction. Tell me what you need and I will adapt.


Like with yoga and art therapy, the project I write is about your needs and those of your customers. At the beginning I get all the information from you as well as subject matter experts and we will lay out the timeline and discuss the deliverables for the project. For my descriptions, I use plain English, where appropriate, and procedural steps are laid out clearly.


I have a strong technical background from my work at an IT Service Desk, where I updated and managed the knowledge base (using Confluence) for common processes and questions. This helped staff find and understand the answers they were providing to clients and learn something new about the university's IT systems themselves.


I have written and proofread
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