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Third Gender

Many cultures have looked beyond the endpoints of the gender spectrum and accepted gender identities in-between. For instance, many North-American native communities had recognized four distinct categorial boxes one could tick (or be ticked into by the community).

In Cosmic Destiny I focus on the space between the endpoints as once wide-stretched category--the third gender--avoiding the restriction of boxes. After all I have met many gendervariant/genderqueer people who moved quite freely along the spectrum in order to find themselves over time. Others switch from day to day because no one place is their true home.

The world of Cosmic Destiny, the human society on Timo accepts and embraces the notion of a fluid gender spectrum. Yet members of society who are close to the endpoints aren't shy to identify as male or female either.

Is everything rosy? No. Besides remnants of persistent stereotypes, human society is under attack from the outside and old prejudices are easily picked up again to externalize one's anxieties.