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The ancient way to return to yourself and ground yourself in the universe.

After Solana experienced a mind journey through space with Sperah, she picked up meditation to expand her horizon and replicate the experience as closely as possible. Convinced that Sperah will return, she prepares herself for another mind journey by learning to quiet that incessant chatter of thoughts, finding a calmer foothold in a chaotic world.

I once read a science fiction story hypothesizing a civilization that developed their mind skills instead of technologies. It was a fascinating idea to think how humanity could have developed if we had taken a different path millennia ago. Which led me to the concept of traveling the universe with the mind, like an out-of-body experience.

Like a muscle that needs to be exercised, mediation requires an ongoing practice to deepen the experience. Sitting still and unattached to thoughts can be a very difficult task, more so than you might initially expect. Some thoughts come loaded with delicious juiciness, enticing you to follow their path and engaged in their world instead of being still and focused on your core being. The idea is to let thoughts go as they come, watching them pass without getting attached. And while you are still, you experience yourself more fully than ever before--that core you underneath all the high expectations and disappointments. Underneath the sadness and laughter. Some call it the soul or your spiritual essence. By eliminating the noise, you'll be able to see the world more clearly and connect to it on a deeper level.

I have been practicing meditation as part of my ten-minute morning yoga but also (and more intensely) with meditation groups, which I have joined in regular practice. Furthermore, I have been trained in Energy Healing (Healing Pathways).