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Encounter - A prelude to Cosmic Destiny

Encounter is the prequel to Cosmic Destiny -- the story of Solana's first venture into space years after the death of her brother. In order to continue her career in historical cartography she accepts an assignment that brings her to the planet Nahfelis, where she has a chance encounter with Sperah, a being from outside the solar system. Sperah helps her to see the universe with new eyes and reconnects her with old dreams, introducing her to a new way to travel the universe--with the power of the mind.

A cartographer with the necessary expertise to find her way through to the tunnels of the old mining operation on Nahfelis, which the humans have just conquered back from the reptile Talwaelder.

A sentoid (sentient robotic life form) and Solana's friend and research colleague.

An alien organic-robotic hybrid who travels the universe with the mind.