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From Glashütte to Victoria

Now published as an ebook through Xinxii as EPub and Mobi (also available on Amazon). To order, please click here.

Also released as a print book on Amazon.com as well as Amazon.eu. Here are the direct links:
US/Canada - UK - Germany

About the book:

The story of a boy, Ewald Schroter, who grew up on a farm in Glashütte, Silesia, between the world wars and was pulled into the tragedy of World War II as a teenager. During his apprenticeship in Berlin, he endured the draconian rule of the director of a boys' home, until he was drafted into the last German defence efforts at the end of the war.

It was his resilience that helped him survive the war and its devastating circumstances as a Prisoner of War at the age of seventeen. In the prison camps he witnessed the deaths of many and learned about the horrific crimes that had been carried out in Hitler's concentration camps.

He swallowed hard when he couldn't return to his parents because his home state of Silesia was annexed away as part of the border shuffles that befell Eastern Europe after the war.

Instead, he stayed with his sister in the remnants of bombed-out West Germany until he heard of the opportunity to settle in Canada, where he witnessed the thriving immigrant movement in Western Canada in the 1950s. As a welder, he worked on many projects that shaped the economy of British Columbia.

In Victoria, he married and had a daughter, and later three grandchildren. He never forgot what his parents had told him -- to work hard and to never give up.