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Every trip into space inevitably begins down on some planet

There are planets that swirl around average g-type suns, nestled in the arms of large, bright spiral galaxies; other planets, like the planet Timo, are stuck in the Northern sector of a relatively unsightly and quite small, irregular galaxy. Yet it is on Timo that this story begins...right in the middle of one of the planet's many deserts.

Ignoring the light breeze and relative quiet outside, the sound of the newscast filled the small room at the heart of the desert research station.

"Today, leaders of Timo, Talwald and Vulk are coming together on Timo for a historic peace conference. The shuttles of the Talwaelder and Vulker have landed next to the conference center about an hour ago."

"All of the races claim to have originated from the planet Talwald, although the reptiles, who now exclusively populate Talwald, deny this. Inside sources tell us that an important clue about our ancestery is located here on Timo. What exactly--"

Caazor muted the sound of the newscast. As a robotic member of Timoan society, it would have been easy for him to plug himself directly into the data stream, but then none of the humans could have watched the newscast with him. "I guess, one of the Timo representatives leaked information," he said in response to the reporters claim of having 'inside sources.' "We have to be careful."

When nobody replied, he turned around and realized that all the other seats were empty. Alarmed, he muttered to himself, "Where is she?"

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