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Every trip into space inevitably begins down on some planet

There are planets that swirl around average g-type suns, nestled in the arms of large, bright spiral galaxies; other planets, like the planet Timo, are stuck in the Northern sector of a relatively unsightly and quite small, irregular galaxy. Yet it is on Timo that this story begins...right in the middle of one of the planet's many deserts.

Ignoring the light breeze and relative quiet outside, the sound of the newscast filled the small room at the heart of the desert research station.

"Today, leaders of Timo, Talwald and Vulk are coming together on Timo for a historic peace conference. The shuttles of the Talwaelder and Vulker have landed next to the conference center about an hour ago."


The World of Cosmic Destiny

Caazor's question above refers to Solana, a young woman about to embark on the greatest journey of her life. Ever since she had made contact with Sperah, a being that can travel the universe with the power of her mind, she knew the universe was a much larger place than she had thought. Meeting Spera was an experience even more profound than when she left behind gravity and experienced the magnificent vasteness of space for the first time as a child.

When Sperah left again, Solana's heart dropped. She burried her head in her research, focussing all energy on the upcoming peace conference. For the first time, she would directly work together with the other two species that inhabited their solar system, the insectoids and reptiles.


The origin of Cosmic Destiny goes back to the time when I was 12 years old and dreamed about making science fiction movies. Of all the story ideas that I created, Cosmic Destiny was the one that I worked on the most.

All in all, I laid down the content for about a hundred Cosmic Destiny movies, though title and focus were different at the time and featured influences from Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.

Although a few of the original space battles have found their way into Cosmic Destiny, most have been laid to rest. Characters, too, have undergone significant development, such as Solana, who was only a side-character at the beginning. Others have outright disappeared, whereas some, such as Tori, are completely new inventions.

Neither Talwaeldish nor Vulkish society had initially been as fleshed out as they are now in the current story. Human, i.e. Timoan, society has matured as well, now featuring a culture that embraces three genders. Some of the sociological changes reflect my growth in understanding diversity and gender studies. It has become the spice that makes this cosmic adventure more interesting.

At the heart of the story is a spiritual journey into the cosmos. Hence, the title. This journey has been significantly inspired by the spirituality and ecological sensitivity of the Terranauten book series (unfortunately, this series has never been translated to English). Whereas the Terranauten imagined a comprehensive system of plant-based technology over the course of the series, this story represents more of a techno-organic hybrid. A hybrid that spawned many of my short stories and might eventually lead to a collection of work similar in spirit to that of the Terranauten.

Of course, there have been many other influences as well, like the Lensman book series. Furthermore, I named one of the characters Rodan, in honour of the title hero of the Perry Rhodan book series.

Besides artwork for each section of the book, I have also created a few comic strips and wrote short stories that are set in the universe of Cosmic Destiny.

'I am aware of my awareness, therefore I am.'

[First lesson of Tilus, the great Ohmi teacher. Year 347]