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Taken apart and put back together

There was one event at VCON 38 I had been dreading as well as looking forward to and that was the writer's workshop. The first 5000 words of my Encounter at Nahfelis story had to stand the test of fellow writers. Three aspiring writers and three established authors took it apart. And they didn't hold back.

The sections accepted by one author, were ripped apart by the next. I received both praise and rejection for incorporating the concept of third gender. The tenor of the exercise seemed to be learning to trust your instincts in finding your audience. Put ten writers into a room and you'll get ten different opinions when it comes to content. Even writing styles are a matter of preference.

To all our stories applied the general wisdom to start a few pages later, in the middle of the action, rather than leading the reader slowly into the world of the story. The feedback on the tech side on the universe I had created was also very valuable. In fact, the technological update from 80's dogfight space battle mentality to the twenty-first century works much better for the story and the social structures that (fictional) Timoan society entails.

Coming out of the workshop, I was crushed as well as inspired. I am glad I had this workshop experience however daunting it first seemed.