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Image of Colleen and Christel

We are live!

Interviewing speculative fiction authors usually involves exchanging several emails, but two weeks ago I had the pleasure to conduct an interview in person. To promote the Chiaroscuro Reading Series in Vancouver and, particularly, the 7 October event, which features Lynda Williams as one of the authors, I met up with reading series host, Colleen Anderson.

We met in a cozy pub at the foot of Burnaby Mountain. The rustic interior was a nice backdrop to our chat about the Chiaroscuro Reading Series in Vancouver and Colleen's life as an author. I used a notebook to scrible down her answers but also record the conversation with my netbook. As expected, the sound quality was not great over the lively background chatter of the other patrons. Thankfully, my notes did the job just fine.

I was glad for the opportunity to connect with Colleen and am looking forward to see her on several panels at VCON. It turned out we are even sharing three panels. I hope to see you there as well.

As always, you can read the interview with Colleen on the Reality Skimming blog.

And don't forget to check out further events of the Chiaroscuro Reading Series.