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Adventures in interviewing

In April I had the fortune to be celebrated as an author by SFU, where I met Lynda Williams, who penned the Okal Rel saga. Interestingly, I had already seen her at VCon last year, but this time we talked more about our interests and realized we shared the enthusiams to start a science fiction writer's group at SFU, which we named SFU^2 (where SF stands for Science Fiction as well as Simon Fraser). She also asked me if I am interested conducting interviews with authors for her Reality Skimming Blog. I immediately loved the idea, enjoying the prospect to get to know more authors and editors in the field.

Early this morning my first interview was published on the blog. I asked Djibril al-Ayad, editor of Future Fire, where I published my Soul Catcher story, a few questions about the anthology Accessing the Future. The exciting project about dis/abilities in the future is currently in the fundraising stage. Please read the interview at okalrel.org/reality-skimming and support the project at igg.me/at/accessingfuture.