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Global Game Jam = Mathbot x 2

The atrium of UBC's Life Sciences building was brimming with activity. Over threehundred people came to Global Game Jam Vancouver with a level of enthusiams that rivaled the high ceiling.

I signed up for the event because the idea of interactive narrative tickled my interest as an author. Of course, creating a computer game in 48 hours doesn't involve a deep story, so my graphic design abilities came in more handy in the end.

I came without knowing any of the other people and sat down alone at one of the long table. Eventually, the space filled and people started to form groups for the game jam projects, if they didn't already come with their friends.

I didn't venture away from my seat to find a team before the keynote speech, yet I wasn't the only one who was still looking afterwards. That was when the idea-pitching-process started. Some groups came to the front, looking for further members, like game designer...and artists, which is where I could help out. It was refreshing to hear the multitude of game ideas. Almost too many ideas. Eventually I lost track of what the first pitches were about. When I heard the idea for an educational mathematics game, I immediately saw its potential and the role that I could play in its development.

We began with a brainstorm, refining the details of the game. Immediately, two approaches gained momentum, one for designing the game with Unity and the other building it from scratch with Javascript. In the end, we created two games for learning math. You can check them out at the Global Game Jam site:



As the artist I was involved in both games = twice the fun with Mathbot. :)