Published short stories and books

- Genetic diversity vs diversity of thought in my #scifi #shortstory Hivemind in R Graeme Cameron's Polar Borealis magazine. Read it at Polar Borealis #1

- Eddie Schroter's biography From Glashuette to Victoria (ebook and print book) tells the gripping story of Eddie's youth in Germany during World War II, his struggle as a prisoner of war, and follows him as he left the ruins of Europe behind to immigrate to Canada and build a new future

- What an exciting year was 2013. My short story 'Soul Catcher' was published in issue 2013.28 of the cutting-edge, progressive speculative fiction magazine Future Fire! Thanks go to Chris Cartwright for the wonderful artwork, catching the spirit of the story. And this publication came just at the heels of

- A woman's struggle in the dystopian world of 'Masked Desire', which was published at the amazing speculative fiction magazine Fiction Vortex.


Soul Dimension - An Urban Mythology that combines elements of time travel, through past life memories, a love triangle and a cybercrime that is more than it seems

Encounter - The novella-size prequel to Cosmic Destiny, telling the story how Solana meets Sperah, the cosmic traveller

Cosmic Destiny - Solana's home planet, Timo, is at war. The three species attempt a first peace conference, centered around an ancient artifact that not only raises new questions about their past but also brings Sperah back to Solana with an offer that is hard to resist

half lotus pose

Meet author Christel Bodenbender, MA, Certified Art Therapist, Registered Yoga Instructor (CYA-RYT 500), ITIL certified

I write Cosmic Fiction, which can be speculative fiction or extend into mythology with a spiritual touch. I'm fascinated by space and questions around what is beyond this universe, which can be explored from various angles.

As an author panelist, I attended conventions, such as VCON and Creative Ink Festival in Vancouver, festivals and I am a member of writer's groups