Art Therapist


I received my Post-Masters Certificate in Art Therapy at the BC School of Art Therapy in Victoria, Canada, and have worked with a diverse range of clients in mental health as well as counselling settings.


I employ a person-centered approach and specialize in life transitions, spirituality, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I also have experience working with LGBTQ+ clients.

What is Art Therapy?

  • A therapeutic technique that uses artwork as part of the healing process
  • It adds another layer, the artwork, through which the client can work through problems or release emotions
  • The artwork enables the client to externalize thoughts or emotions, which can then be addressed and dealt with as it manifests on the paper, rather than something to hide inside
  • Art therapy works:

Online Art Therapy

Mental and emotional wellness shouldn't require you to go far. Let's meet online via Zoom or Skype. My Online Art Therapy makes it easy and quick to connect from anywhere with the same depth in art engagement as a traditional sessions.

I offer one-on-one as well as group sessions online. See for more information.

VR Art Therapy

Trauma and stress disconnects people from their bodies and their emotions. By creating art in a 3D virtual reality environment you are engaging the entire body. This helps you to reconnect and become grounded in your environment again. Contact me to find out more and set up an appointment. I'm located in London, Ontario.

VR Art Therapy works:

half lotus pose

Meet Christel Bodenbender, MA, Certified Art Therapist, Registered Yoga Instructor (CYA-RYT 200), ITIL certified

Many people are disconnected from what is going on in their bodies, especially in times of high stress or trauma. Through my yoga and art therapy work, I want to help you get back in touch--emotionally and spiritually--to become whole, which involves body and mind.

I am also trained in energy healing as part of Healing Pathways.

phone: 226-667-5069