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Convention 2017:The Creative Ink Festival, is coming back at the end of March 2017. I will be at several panels. Mark your calendars for this year's Creative Ink, 31 March to 2 April 2017.

Published 2016: Genetic diversity vs diversity of thought in my #scifi #shortstory Hivemind in R Graeme Cameron's Polar Borealis magazine. Just published in February 2016. Read it at Polar Borealis #1

Convention 2016:May 2016 saw the second annual Creative Ink Festival, which I also attended in April 2015. The festival has been created by the fabulous Sandra Wickham for the local, Vancouver writer and creative scene. last year was my second time on a Diversity panel and I will be back this year as well.

Published: The year 2014 saw the publishing of Eddie Schroter's biography From Glashuette to Victoria as an ebook and print book. It tells the gripping story of Eddie's youth in Germany during World War II, his struggle as a prisoner of war, and follows him as he left the ruins of Europe behind to immigrate to Canada and build a new future. More

Convention: Furthermore, I enjoyed being on three panels at VCON 39 in Vancouver on Diversity, Religion, and the Role of Maps in writing/reading.

Published: What an exciting year 2013. Christel's short story 'Soul Catcher' has just been published in issue 2013.28 of the cutting-edge, progressive speculative fiction magazine Future Fire! Thanks go to Chris Cartwright for the wonderful artwork, catching the spirit of the story.

Published: Earlier in 2013 her short story 'Masked Desire' was published at the amazing speculative fiction magazine Fiction Vortex.

Christel Bodenbender spent most of her youth in Germany and came to Canada as part of her English studies. Here she obtained her Master's in Linguistics and rekindled her passion for writing. Since then she has written a selection of short stories and books.

Most of her current writing focus is Cosmic Destiny, a science fiction story that spans several books. The prequel, Encounter, is being prepared for release on Amazon.

In addition to writing, Christel has created a host of digital images, like the header graphic of this site. Some of her artwork can be seen on her art space Website Christel's Art and Web space.